Poster: Cesarean Delivery and Vaginal Seeding


Since the immune system is highly related to the microbes that colonize the gut, C-section delivery alters the microbiome of the infant, leading to abnormal colonization which eventually reflects on the early immune development and future health of the individual. CS-born infants are primarily colonized by potentially pathogenic organisms and it was also reported that the primary gut flora of infants born by CS delivery was disturbed for the first six months. Vaginal seeding was suggested to compensate for the lack of normal flora, but there isn’t enough evidence to determine the health benefits of this procedure. It has been suggested to stop this procedure due to a lack of solid information. The lack of exposure to vaginal microbiota being the primary cause of health problems in CS delivered babies is highly unlikely, because there are other major factors to consider. Antibiotic administration, breastfeeding, maternal health, and other factors play an important role in determining the composition of microbes in the baby’s gut.

Reference (Jul-21-P2)

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