Covifenz is the world’s first plant-based covid vaccine that has been approved in Canada. Medicago grew non-infectious virus like particles in the plant leaves that resembles the coronavirus spike protein to create the vaccine. This in combination with AS03 adjuvant by GSK showed an efficacy rate of 71% in Phase 3 clinical trials.

Cell Biologists have now deciphered the mechanism behind protein sorting in cells. This is done by gatekeeper proteins called nascent polypeptide-associated complex, that help regulate transport in cells. Professor Elke Deuerling explains, “Our study reveals the molecular function of NAC as a gatekeeper, granting SRP only access for those nascent proteins whose destination is the endoplasmic reticulum”.

The nanospray carrier developed by researchers at RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science in Japan have shown a way replace the need for transgenic plants for better crops. This is done by using a device that sprays bioactive compounds through the plant leaves, providing an effective and sustainable delivery method. They used cell penetrating peptides to do this.

Tissue engineering is advancing at a magnificent rate, and scientists have used high frequency sound waves to grow bones from stem cells. This can help quickly and effectively tackle the need for regrowing bones in patients of cancer or degenerative diseases. This treatment was also shown to be effective on other cells like fat derived stem cells, providing a less painful and cheaper alternative to growing bone cells.

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