Interview with Arvind Deshmukh

It was our pleasure to interview Arvind Deshmukh, President of Microbiologists Society, India. His immense passion for Microbiology and the unwavering support he is providing students to grow in this field is commendable.

His organization is involved in:
i. conducting courses in Microbiology at all levels of education
ii. acting as a bridge between governmental and non- governmental institutions academies, societies and other organization non-organizations in the field of microbiology
iii. advise the government and its agencies on the microbiological problems of public interest
iv. co-operating and affiliating with international organizations in the field of microbiology
v. conducting conferences, competitions, seminars, symposiums to encourage research in this field
vi. establishing library of microbiology literature.

We highly encourage interested students to connect with Microbiologists Society for coursework assistance, internship opportunities and much more!

Microbiologists Society: https://microbiosociety.org/
Email : mbiosociety@gmail.com, amdeshmukh1@rediffmail.com

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