Submission Guidelines

Article document should be named as AuthorName_Title

Use our article template to format your article as per our magazine requirements

Consent Form is mandatory to attach before article is featured. (Download form form above)

For any article you send, mention the following:

a. Title*

b. Your full name*

c. Your background*

i. Student: Name, Education, Institute
ii. Professional: Name, Position, Organization
iii. Other: Name, Qualification, Experience

d. contact information (optional): email, phone, LinkedIn account

e. Topic Area

Please send us an original article only.

Subject your article through a Grammarly check before sending it to us. Check for grammar, tone and plagiarism to prevent delay in feature of article. 

1. Word limit: 500-700 (excluding title, author information, figure captions, tables, references)

2. Plagiarism<20%. Our recommendation: be as original as possible, but don’t hesitate to get your facts right.

3. Referencing: It’s not a research paper, but being from the scientific community we know the hard work that goes in doing research. Give proper credit at the end of your write-ups. Not more than 10 references per article.

[1] Journal Articles: Authors, Year, Title, Journal Name, Vol No., Issue No, Page No. (DOI/URL if available)

[2]Books: Author or editors, year of publication, book title, publication information (city, state, publishing company)

[3] Internet Sources: Title of the site or page, URL

4. No in-text citations.

5. Formatting: Font-Times New Roman, size-12, 1.5 spacing, justified.

6. Credits: You will be given credit as the author of the article. Please note, only one author will be given author credits. In rare situations, you will be required to make a special request for a second author. If approved, the second author will be mentioned as “___ helped in collating/writing/researching about the article.”

7. Figures and Tables: Send images relevant to your article in jpeg/png/tiff format. Provide original images (created by you) or those freely available in the public domain only. If you are using third-party material, you are required to obtain appropriate permission for the same and keep copies of correspondence.

Recommended references for figures:

For figures to be embedded within the article, please ensure to keep the count below 3.

Tables should follow the same formatting style as the rest of the article. They should be embedded in the article at relevant places in the text, and should be in editable format (not an image).

8. Author Biography of 50 words (max.) should be included at the end of the article. This should include your aim, education, career, projects, and any relevant details about you related to our field.

9. Cover Image: This is a mandatory requirement. Size requirement: 600px (horizontal) x 322px (vertical).
Ensure the cover image is original and follows figure guidelines. 

10. Topic Area: Agriculture, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Biophysics, Bioprocessing, Cancer Biology, Cell Biology, Computational Biology, Ecology, Evolution and Environment, Food Technology, Genetics, Immunology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Nanotechnology, Pharmacology, Plant Sciences, Virology, Waste Management and Bioremediation, Other

Note: Sending an article does not guarantee featuring it in our magazine as it is. We can choose to disregard it completely if we feel that it violates the mission and guidelines of our magazine in any way. We can also store it in our article bank for future use. You will be notified of our decision.

Process of review:
The entire review process may involve maximum 3 major and minor revision rounds, where comments will be shared with authors and revised articles will be expected by a given deadline.
Step 1: Initial screening for plagiarism (duplichecker) and format.
Step 2: Content check by editor and advisor.
Step 3: Polishing article for grammar and style by our software.

For revised articles, author should keep track changes on in the word document to highlight the changes made. Comments should be replied to in the word document itself using “New Comment” option in the Review tab. The authors should provide a logical rebuttal if they disagree with any of our comments.

Revised articles should be emailed to us on

1. Accepted: article fits our magazine in its current form and does not require further changes from the author’s side.
2. Major/Minor Revisions required: article has potential to be featured, but with suggested changes by the editor/advisor.
3. Stored in article bank: article is not relevant for our magazine in its current form for the upcoming issue. If we find a place for it in our future issues, we will get in touch.
4. Rejected: article does not fit our magazine. No appeals accepted.




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