Biotech beyond the bench

Scientific innovation is great but do scientists know how to convert that into commercial value? As students in Life Sciences, we tend to believe that our work is limited to the discovery and development phase. Often the job of an inventor is limited to that. We believe there is a need to change that. We need to become more independent and learn skills required to become modern biotechnologists.

We will spend the remaining of this year building skills that will help in this overall growth. There will be new projects and discussions with every release in this space. We will also provide resources to help you grow beyond. To be a part of this, fill the form below and we will share further instructions soon. Please note this is a free exercise, and while you can join this at any stage, we encourage you to join us from the beginning. There is also a limit to the number of students we can accommodate, so make sure you’re not late!

REGISTER HERE: https://forms.gle/bmJKZ3sjb5etC7hW6


I. Paper to Prompt: The first skill needed to solve any scientific problem is to THINK. While we know the theory and fundamentals, how do we translate that knowledge when designing experiments. This project will help you understand literature, the approach used and the results obtained in published research.

II. The Poster Project: Research is a collaborative effort and sharing your findings with others in the field is imperative. Communicating scientific ideas accurately through posters and presentations is a life skill in our field. This project will help you learn how to share your research in a professional and effective manner.

III. Regulatory Affairs Discussion: Biotech products like small molecules, biologics or biomedical devices go through a long process of clinical trials before hitting the market. In fact, less than 10% of the products entering phase I trials actually make it to the consumer. This module will help you understand the importance, timeline and industrial value of intellectual property.

IV. Think like a bio-entrepreneur: Every innovator loves their solution, but does the customer want it? It is important to understand the problem you are solving, its market value, competitors in the field, the numbers behind starting a venture and finally how to survive. This project will introduce you to a new way of thinking.


  • Must be currently enrolled in an Undergraduate/Graduate Program
  • At least completed 2 years of Undergraduate Studies
  • Must be pursuing Life Sciences, Biotechnology, or related Biosciences field
  • Have a motivation to commit to the project and work in a team

The entire project will be conducted virtually. There is no fee that students need to pay. You will be provided a letter of completion on finishing the project.

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